Classes & Abilities

Fighting - A melee class covering basic combat skills that deal single-target damage and perform various crowd control abilities.

Action Abilities

Name SP Requirement Description
Combo Strikes 8 Deals 270% damage, 1.0 charge time.
Insult 50 Gains Hate up status.
Slam 110 30% attack damage and inflicts Stun if it interrupts a pending action.
Counterattack Stance 175 Ccounterattacks all single-target physical attacks for 1 turn.
Charge 400 Boosts physical damage to next action by 140%.
Breaker 600 200% damage on stunned and casting targets, 120% otherwise.

Passive Abilities

Name SP Requirement Description
Counterattacking 5 10% chance to Counterattack when hit.
Healing Received Up 110 Healing received doubled when HP is less than 20%.
Normal Attack Boost 330 Successive normal attacks yield 25% base damage bonus.
Critical Stun 475 Critical hits with swords inflict Stun.